Enzymatic Spot Treatment

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HoogaLab Enzymatic Spot Treatment is specially formulated for the most stubborn stains including: bodily fluids, pet stains, chocolate, wine, and more!


  • 16oz Enzymatic Spot Treatment 
  • 1 Sprayer
  • 1 Microfiber Cloth

Customer Reviews

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A Picky Engineer
Seems to work. Tried in chocolate syrup

I got this more for pet stains but have tried it on a chocolate syrup stain and it seemed to work well. The best part about it is it comes with a really nice microfiber towel. Usually microfiber towels are only soft on one side but this is soft on both--never seen one like it and pleasantly surprised it's included.

Works Well!

Got this through the Vine. I like the amount you get in this kit plus the towels. It does clean spot and stains, but it is not crazy magical, you still need to scrub and send the clothing through the washer, but still super nice cleaner.

M. R.
Soft scent, good cleaning

I tried this on a dog urine stain on a carpet. I typically use "Rocco & Roxie" brand stain and odor eliminator. This has a nice smell. I sprayed on and left for a few minutes, then scrubbed the area with the provided soft cloth. The cloth was a nice addition and its a decent size. The stain was removed and the smell came out. Will continue to use!

Life&'s Journey
The cleaner works very well.

Enzymatic Spot Treatment has a very nice scent. A large bottle 16fl oz. The spray says to spray and let sit 5 minutes then blot stain with the towel included. Im trying this on a chili food spill. The chili I pretty much just smeared it on the white cloth oil and all. I can smell the chili and the shirt was wiped off of debris before hand, after spraying the spot treatment I no longer smell the chili after a few minutes. At 5 minutes I rinsed the cloth in the sink and it was gone, the oil spots were gone and the infamous red sauce marks gone, this was a new white cloth. I went ahead and used soap on 2nd hand wash and I can still smell the scent. The cleaner works very well.

Rebecca M
took a mystery stain out of our carpet that's been there at least a year

When I ordered this product I had one spot which immediately came to mind, and it was this one in our living room. It's been there since we moved in almost a year and a half ago. We've shampooed the carpet, but I don't think we've ever tried any products to get it out. (I could be wrong.) This is a mystery stain and I'm pretty sure the house sat vacant for a couple years before we moved in, so it's probably sat there in the carpet for at least several years. I thought that if this spot came out it would take a miracle, so I am super impressed. The cleaner says to blot the stain out, but I did scrub at it. You can see the stuff that came up on the white cloth, which they provided. From the photo, it looks like there may still be a faint hint of the stain there, but in person, I can't see where it was, so I'm definitely impressed. I know it said to try it in some indiscreet spot first, but I didn't. I'm tired and impatient, so I just went for it. I followed the instructions about letting it sit for 5 minutes, though. The cleanser has a subtle flowery smell which is not unpleasant and does not smell too chemically. I would definitely recommend this product and can't wait to try it on a few more mystery carpet stains around here.